Aurora Workshop: Day One - March 28th 2020 - Working with the Light

This is day one of the Aurora Lightbody and Light workshop working with the interlace with Gaia, Tara and Our Lightbody ascension in this current time. This is 1.5hrs of 90% straight light language.

MANY FULL LAYERS IN THIS. PLEASE PLEASE GROUND AND ANCHOR YOURSELF AHEAD. If you need help stop and pause and take breaks to do this. Email me or FB Call me if you need me. If you want arrange a time for me to be on call a head of time for this process if needed.

Please anchor and ground with water beside you at all time. I recommend a water blessing ritual ahead of time before entering the meditation to help you with this process

Today was quiet special as we worked with ALOT of light. For those of you who know me; this is not new. I hope you understand the need to drink water and ground <3. I am open to feedback and question and any help you may. I am also offering on Call during the replay for people who was not live to have questions or help whiles taking the codes in. Please do not hesitate to book a time period for me to be aware to be present near my wifi.

Details Below; Please read all.

- PLEASE Ground before hand; the pillar of light straight down into the core of Gaia or tara with a crystaline thread is a good one. If you dont know this please see below.
- PLEASE eat or go into nature before hand and drink lots of water before and during, Have a cup with you of water. Try fruits and veg beside you during; before hand nuts or a full meal- try not make it healthy if not its fine.
-No substances or alcohol; clear environment and vessel
- This recording is 1.5hr straight light language except for maybe 20mins or less. Have the ability to lay down or go to the bathroom
- Please pause this recording when you need to for pauses and integration
- i advise you have a visual expriernce not just an audio; please have the video facing you

Please Read

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