Aurora Light Workshop Day Two: Feeling the Auora Light

- PLEASE Ground before hand; the pillar of light straight down into the core of Gaia or tara with a crystaline thread is a good one. If you dont know this please see below.

- PLEASE eat or go into nature before hand and drink lots of water before and during, Have a cup with you of water. Try fruits and veg beside you during; before hand nuts or a full meal- try not make it healthy if not its fine.
-No substances or alcohol; clear environment and vessel
- This recording is 1.5hr straight light language except for maybe 20mins or less. Have the ability to lay down or go to the bathroom
- Please pause this recording when you need to for pauses and integration
- i advise you have a visual expriernce not just an audio; please have the video facing you

This is part two od a two day event. Please see website for day one. This is also a precursor for another part of the activations and process needed for this current time or whatever time you are in. We will be doing this again in 7 days.

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