[Gold Black Orange] Evolution Codes (Sisterhood of the Light Conference 2020)

Sisterhood of the Light Webinar Series

The Sisterhood of the Light is an angelic part of ascension and related closely to the Brotherhood of the Light and the ascended version of the Sisterhood of the Rose. This monumental workshop goes through all the aspect of the sisters as an order and function in the cosmic world. Lead with Celestial Rose and Sophia; Mother Mary guides the transmissions to hold wisdom and knowledge for all to come next.

Teaching Everyone what they need to know for this next wave of ascension and how to use this wisdom with the codes of Lemuria. This order and these codes work much more better with the Lemurian Angelic Codes and help our beings advance into the New World.

Day Three: Rewriting the Rose Codes Time: 4pm

[Gold Black Orange] Evolution Codes

This is the last of the regular recordings of the day which allows you to tie up the complete journey with the most mystic codes they are. Images of Black Madonna, the Gold light of this age and the unspoken softness and fruits of the orange awakening. You run through a valley or the dead sea; doesnt matter we are all evolving. Can you accept the roses and the value that it gives?

In thos segment you will see the connection with all the colours of the roses and see how the temples of the rays unite and come together. Watching these lights entertain your being as it captures you throughout and works from you inner being upwards in a connective way and teaching.

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