This is a FULL Diamond Body Activation for your lightbody ascension.

Due to being in Sophia Land and with the recent image and the fact i have been trying to bring through st. germain codes for FOREVER.

i was thinking of using the signs of a prime opportunity to bring this through for lions gate portal and the season of activation. There is also a secret lyra portal oming online at this time which is ain a few days nd week that one can come into and activate further to understand the connection with sirus and pladiease here on this plane.
If this all makes sense to you and what you hear in this video please make the donation of $5USD to my paypal and make time on FRiday the 14th 6am Turkey time to have access to this. If you do not make it live thats find you will energetically hold space until you physically see it as soon as you awake.
I do ask you to watch this transmission as soon as you awake. There is an important energy portal time within your personal lightbody that works with that image that was created previously by source.
It is the golden merkhaba hidden under neath it but we neeed to use the st germaine codes frist before we cn activated it. Many still have a chance to ACTivate it eventhough they have had it before it allows you to create a bigger ripple and effect on the planet.

New Codes.

New Time.

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