Vessle of Light - Walking Vortex (Lemurian Angelic Embodiment Hawaii 2020)

Lemurian Angelic Embodiment Workshop

The Lemurian Angelic Embodiment was an online event and workshop that occured in Maui, Hawaii between March 8th to 10th. It was ment to anchor in all the new light waves we will be seeing coming to earth from 2020 to 2030 creating a new wave ascension for source codes to be embodied and come in realization for 2030. This means that light source can generate from 2030 to 2040.

In other words the Angelic presence is coming here on 'earth' this can be through Gaia or Tara. Depending how we rewire our soul body. The Angelic templates now want to go through earth and new Tara to generate the correct pulses for Lemurian land to go about across each light sea found in the Pacific Ocean.

Day Two: Working with your Soul Time: 5pm

Vessle of Light - Walking Vortex

This is a profound recording.

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