Ephesus Harmonic Convergence Event - Mother Mary and The Christ Light (RECORDING)

This is the second part of the St Germain activation that created within Istanbul to Ephesus. This recording was done in Selcuk 2020 August very close to mother mary's house and ephesus. The time there reflects a great becoming of one from the solar systems to the earthly plane asking the world to rewrite its story from not away of shortage but a sight of awakening. This solar ray of light is like a flash of the heavenly god within us. Asking us to become the ones that know this light to come within and be one <3.

This is a very sacred activation that comes in closer to you from the window of your eyes. You get to become more in harmony with the light of the Christ Light and cultivating the light of Mary and Yeshua. This light activation calls upon the transmissions you saw from St John the Gospels basicila and cave, the House of Mary and allowed me to pull the energy from Ephesus within the gateway. It is the awakening of the Lyra_ Sirus seed within us awakening our Sophia Plasma codes of wisdom. Seducing our wisdom into the light even more allowing it to seperate from the Ego

Much Love and Enjoy

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