This actually turned into an EXTREMELY STRONG ELOHIM ACTIVATION. So I do urge you to purchase this and drink LOTS of water before hand! <3

This information is more based on the light from APHRODISIACS and her compilation of her divine form through all these sites
Having this newness come into us and EQUALATE through our being. Source. Creation

But surprisingly what came through was the awakening fo the elohim within you. I am concluding once we work with the flow of equilibrium that is manifesting the angelic realms within us using these lights from this land and source templates within these mother goddesses of creation. Please do participate in al three activations.

I am doing my third segment of this trilogy light this Sunday. Sorry for last post. I was trying to gain wisdom on how to set this post up. What that has to do with the YING and THE YANG. Our divine light and taking all the feminine sites we did prior to a higher light.

We have manifested the light throughout the collective and asked it to come with u and our members of the collective. When i met Cybele in Aphrodisias she told me through her show across the ancient city that the light with u and shaking to come out. This is not a bad thing. Mother Mary comes in as the same as Cybele but another decree.

She says: Light BE THE LIGHT. Balance yourself and your newness.

SO with this being said if you have done the previous two events below is the link to the Third. If not the other links will follow under. I do ask you to revisit both events prior to this one if you need help building ad cultivating your threshold as well as my light post on my wall.

ST Germain Accelerator:

Ephesus Harmonic Convergence:

What does it mean to be in Equilibrium?

It means your center point is not just one area that you are trying to achieve but a vast ocean that holds stead same frequency through out regardless. It is the ebb and flow of the feminine regardless of the energy from without. It stands still but always works in tandem with all parts no less or more just is. Its the natural state of our soul being and that soul view of the eternal being. That is the equilibrium of all that is.

Note the first file is from my FB the other two are from the event

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